American Tech Companies Unhappy About Being Out-Spied By Chinese Apps

Upon hearing the news of Chinese owned Tiktok’s practice of breaching user privacy by reading its users’ copied content without consent, American tech luminaries have secretly expressed dismay at American companies’ lagging ability to spy on their customers. “This is just another example of declining American exceptionalism. Like everything else in this country, our tech companies’ ability to snoop on their users has also gone downhill,” a distinguished tech veteran commented anonymously. 

American technology companies are widely accepted as pioneers of consumer snooping. Their methods have included various creative tools and methods – from smart home thermostats to voice assistant speakers that are mostly used for weather and fart-jokes inquiries. It’s not all dark and gloomy in the tech community, however. If latest unofficial reports are to be believed, Facebook is now able to recommend dinner options that will satisfy an entire family. This feat was achieved after training cutting edge AI models with thousands of dinner argument hours collected as part of project AI for Peaceful Meals.

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