Apple announces iMask, makes masks mandatory for selfies

In its annual WWDC conference keynote speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of iMask, a wearable face covering from Apple. Equipped with an internal microphone, the mask will allow wearers to speak and curse freely on their phone without taking their masks off. The mask will be priced at $1000.

“Spending a thousand dollars on a smartphone is so 2019. It’s obsolete”, said Apple PR chief Noah Celeste. “As we head into the new decade, it is important for Apple to stay on top of its game. Making ultra expensive gadgets that meet the moment is our signature touch, evident more so than ever with our launch of iMask.” he finished with a wink.

The company also announced that its upcoming version of iOS will require mandatory masks for selfies taken outdoors. The update was received negatively by the influencer community.

“This is oppression! How can I advertise my latest lipstick if I have to wear masks to take a selfie?” protested Elizah Maryn, a 15 year old influencer from LA. Some notable influencers made their dissatisfaction heard by using #AppleIsOverParty on Twitter, which was still trending at the time of publication of this article.

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