Enron thanks Robinhood for replacing it as the most hated company in U.S. history

In a newly released press statement, the board of directors of the now-defunct energy company said:

We were living our lives given up on salvaging our legacy. We are thankful for this great news; we pass the torch on to Robinhood with great relish and hope that it will live up to its predecessor’s infamy.

However, not all reactions were as as cheerful:

“I have no idea who Enron is but ffs, fuck Robinhood. I was so mad, like, I was literally a few dollars from selling my GME shares but…ooh, what’s that! Dogecoin! #DogecoinToTheMoon.”Madison, 14, first time investor

“Nice to see that the American tradition of scamming your shareholders and customers is alive and well. I guess it’s good that I still call my broker when I have to place a trade and never figured out the whole trading from your phone thing.”John, 72, ex-Enron investor

“A #1 is a #1. We’ll take this win and see you next year when we IPO (Please, please, don’t short us).”Vlad Tenev, CEO, Robinhood

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