High End Monitor Feeling Dejected After Spending 100 days in Amazon Cart

If you think months of lockdown and social distancing has caused unprecedented levels of existential crisis only among humans, think again. Report has it that thousands of high end monitors and other electronic equipment meant for comfortable home office settings are tired of sitting idly in Amazon carts for months on end. Spike in signals of “what am I doing with my (battery) life” and “what is the point (of having a cord)?” have been detected among electronics ungratefully assigned to live in often frequented but quickly forgotten ecommerce carts and wishlists.

Some, however, have come to embrace this unusual time as time for self-reflection and entertainment. “It’s fun to watch all the deals and sales from the comfort of my cart. We have a running bet on which brand hands out the biggest discount,” said Flexispot standing desk, currently on its 76th day in Amanda’s cart.

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